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1.0 Welcome Page

Upon bringing the Eqolines extension into the dashboard you are presented with the screen below -

There are three containers – Video, Docs and Demo.

Video – Clicking on this link will take you to a series of short videos which show you how to use the Eqolines extension with the demo workbook.

Docs – Clicking on this link will take you to the Eqolines website, where there are help pages with details on using the Eqolines extension.

Demo – Clicking on this link will allow you to download a .twbx file for each of the API examples. They are named accordingly - Isoline / Journey Matrix / Route Optimisation / Geospatial Filtering.

Follow the videos which use these sample workbooks to be able to understand the full use of the extension.

Underneath the containers is a link to get your trial key. You will need to click this link to apply for the keys to enable you to start configuration on the extension.

If you are using the free version then you will need to enter TWO keys and if you are using the paid for version then it is only ONE key. For the free version the extra key will be ORS and this needs to go into the bottom box.

In the bottom left we have a link to some more help documentation and the landing eqolines website page.

Bottom right details with the minimum Tableau version required (2018.5.4).

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